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We pride ourselves on our quick turn around time with both Express & Lab based results. All of our Certified Testing Professionals are properly trained on the devices they operate. You can be assured your tests are performed with expertise to ensure accurate reliable results. For a complete listing of our Occupational Health Testing Services please see "Book appointment"

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Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Express Urine (POCT) - 7-12 panel LAB Based Non-Dot & Dot - Urine, Nail, Hair Strand & Oral Fluid Breath Alcohol & Random Selection Pool. All POCT based results delivered securely within 15 minutes.  All LAB based results within 24 hours if negative and 48 hours if non negative.

Substance Abuse Professionals

These are individual therapy sessions that take place in a safe, and respectful atmosphere designed to guide you towards healthy lifestyle changes. During sessions, clients seek to identify and heal the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction. INSPEC provides these proactive services as a follow up to non negative results. 

Medical Services

INSPEC employs the services of Dynacare Labs and a local Medical Review Officer for all lab based results.

We are pleased to offer a professional and comfortable experience while providing medical injections and infusions to all disease indications including but not limited to: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psorasis, Crohn's and Colitis. 

*Chest Xrays

Our clients include pharmaceutical & government contracts, as well as private individuals.

Audiometric Testing Services

Occupational Health & Safety requires employers to test all employees exposed to excessive noise. INSPEC utilizes a screening device called an audiometer to determine shifts in acuity. We also utilize an Eckel auditory booth to ensure accuracy. All results deemed as irregular will be sent to our local audiologist for further assessment.

Respiratory Mask Fitting Services

INSPEC performs qualitative Mask Fit Testing. This test relies on the sensory response of the donor to determine if there is a leak in the respiratory seal. Results are based on whether or not the subject reacts to the irritant smoke. The result is delivered on a clearance letter stating the make, model size of mask, and expiration date. For your convenience, we stock North and 3M full and half masks.

Policy Review & Development 

Creating a written drug-free policy that reflects the needs of your workplace and associated laws is a key part of a successful workplace program. In a nutshell, it helps a company to avoid hiring individuals who pose a safety risk, and to identify individuals who have addiction issues. A well written drug and alcohol program will also take it one step further by accessing a recovery program and help the individuals to return to work safely. If you are unsure if your current policy meets industry standards or need assistance in developing one from scratch, we can help!

Fit For Duty/Health Assessments

RN or Physician assessments involve a thorough examination of all systems to determine if any medical concerns pose a safety risk on the job site. This assessment ensures that the employee is physically fit to do the job they are hired for, minimizing risk for injury. All testing performed by Registered Nurses and Physio Therapists.

COVID - 19 Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire
COVID - 19 Temperature Screening Services
Fitness-To-Work Evaluation Fitness-To-Work Pre Clearance
Physical Demands Analysis Chest Xrays
Blood Work 

Lung Health Management 

Generally speaking, spirometry testing measures how fast air moves in and out of our lungs. Spirometry measures the highest amount of air that can be exhaled after the largest amount of inhalation. The result will determine whether the lung capacity falls within a normal range based on their age, weight, gender, race, and health history and the results can then be classified as normal or abnormal. Workers who are exposed to airborne particulates should be enrolled into an annual lung health program consisting of spirometry, chest x-rays, and an occupational exposure history questionnaire. All results are interpreted by our physician. 

COVID 19 Testing

We are performing workplace COVID Screening which includes temperature readings, health questionnaire and NP Rapid Covid Testing. We offer complete with specific written testing programs to include up to 800 workers at a time.  Call us today if you are interested in taking a proactive testing approach to your workplace.  

We are also offering COVID 19 antigen testing for asymptomatic individuals.

Offsite Medical/
Administrative Services

We take patient coordination OFFSITE to free up your space, your time, and your staff.  Using our services will decrease drain on clinic resources, enhances patient compliance, provide faster turn around times and better access to services, better organization, and less internal management so physicians are able to focus on seeing more patients.  Our services involve insurance coordination, recall lists, call centre, diagnostics such as blood work, CT or imaging, and referrals to specialists.