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Our customer care program has been designed to truly appreciate our customers.  Our customer service experience is the driver of how we obtain customer loyalty.  We challenge ourselves to ourselves our competition and to be the best across all service contenders in the market. 

‘Building roots” in Our Community


My name is Pamela Osatiuk.  First, I am a mother of two amazing and awesome girls, Kaylee & Jessa. Second, I am a Registered Nurse.  I was born and raised in Spruce Grove and have lived in and around Spruce Grove my entire life. When my oldest daughter was two, I needed to go back to work in order to maintain my nursing license.  My dilemma was that I did not want to leave her to do that.  So, to meet both of these needs, I decided to do something a bit “out of the box”.  I started a nursing business from home, providing off site services to physicians.  That business would grow for the next 8  years winning Chamber Of Commerce Business Of The Year in 2012.  In late 2012, I took a look at the marketplace and decided to take things in a slightly different direction, starting a new company performing drug and alcohol testing.  Thus, INSPEC HEALTH SOLUTIONS was born.  I am extremely proud to have been the first person to bring Drug & Alcohol testing services to Spruce Grove.    Through our drug and alcohol testing services, I have had the pleasure of meeting many parents, and families who find themselves in the predicament of deciding whether or not to drug test their teenager.  Maybe their teenager is acting “strange”, sleeping excessively, or displaying erratic behaviour, and they are asking themselves “what exactly is going on”.  The requests from families became so great that INSPEC has decided to meet the need by creating a group called Building Roots.  My goal for this group is to bring awareness and education to the ever growing pressure our teenagers face, to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug use, and how to talk to our teenagers to keep them engaged. INSPEC supports our community by providing testing to families and individuals concerned about their loved one; to meet the needs of families that are dealing with or will likely deal with in the near future, of children who are being exposed to and/or are participating in drug use/abuse.  To be truthful, I don’t have all of the answers.  However, I am passionate about helping families work through these tough years by providing education and peer support.  I will do my best to do whatever it takes to help our kids get through this time. As they say…it takes a tribe!