Inspec offers a wide variety of drug testing services, including but not limited to:

Express Urine (POCT) - 7-12 panel, LAB Based Non-Dot & Dot - Urine, Nail, Hair Strand & Oral Fluid Breath Alcohol & Random Selection Pool.

All POCT based results delivered securely via IHSDIRECT ( our in house software testing management system ) within 15 minutes.

All LAB based results within 24 hours if negative and 48 hours if non negative.

Inspec also offers additional support with Substance Abuse Professionals who provide individual therapy sessions where clients seek to identify and heal the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction.


Pre - Employment Drug & Alcohol testing services gives employers the peace of mind they need to ensure they are hiring the right individual for the right job. Post Incident drug and alcohol testing is performed when an incident has occurred that cannot be explained by equipment failure. Inspec offers 24/7 emergency testing.

Pre - Access testing is performed when a worker is required to drug and alcohol test prior to site entrance. Inspec can assist employers in determining the correct test as different sites have different site requirements.

Reasonable cause is performed when your employee is observed to be behaving erratically at the workplace. It is important to prevent unnecessary accidents before they occur, thus, identify the signs and symptoms are very important.

Random Testing has been shown to be a successful deterrent drug and alcohol use in the workplace, thus improving workplace safety, frequency of WCB incidents and decreases employer liability.

Return to work testing is performed when an employee is returning from a leave of absence, medical leave, unforeseen circumstance, or substance abuse program.       


Be Prepared 

Is your company needing a new or revised health and safety system? ​ When you, as an owner, are trying to run your company, allocating the time to develop or maintain your program can be challenging. We will review with you all the details that will make your program yours. Our associates are dedicated to just focusing on your health and safety program and helping you through the process of either achieving a SECOR or COR Certification. ​ Depending on your industry standards or client preferences, your program may also need to meet the standards of various certifications and accreditations. A.M.E. Manual Solutions & Safety Ltd. can help set up your program to meet this compliance. We will create a health and safety program specific to your company including forms, schedules and training and then support you through the process. Our services include but are not limited to: *SECOR or COR Certification *Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Operation & Maintenance Manuals *Safety Consulting & Monitoring *Schedule and training to support you through the entire process